You have a "choice!"

If you have a BEEFY computer, you can hurl at them BOTH!
If you're really pissed, try DUMP mode!

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Click the mouse to hurl a chair! A collection of timely Twitter hashtags will rain down on the DNC/RNC. When a tag collides with either party, a tweet, using that tag as source, will be generatively composed and posted to Twitter.

Sentences generated by The Public Enemy are displayed in the feedback panel. You can zoom in and out with a scroll wheel and rotate with click/drag. IF you have a BEEFY computer, pressing "1" will change to DUMP mode. The number of chairs dumped is proportional to the popularity (see number displayed) of the tag selected by clicking a bubble. This can be memory intensive -- you have been warned :-)


by Jack Stenner

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Thank you to the developers of various software that was used: Node.js, Bullet Physics, Ammo.js, Three.js, Twitter API, Daniel Howe's RiTa...and more.

Thank you to PsychoKenjiro for footage of Hardcore Heaven, 1994. Thanks to Thomas Storey for your inital help. Thank you Wikipedia for the image of Walden Pond. I'm sure there are other thanks due...


The Public Enemy collects tweets and generatively combines them with a selection of texts listed below:

  • Avatar Emergency, ch. 10, Frog, by Gregory Ulmer
  • Mythologies, ch. 1, The World of Wrestling, by Roland Barthes
  • Walden, ch. 1, Economy, by Henry David Thoreau
  • ECW Smackdown, One Night Stand, 2006, transcript from Extreme Championship Wrestling